We are Hav Energy

Hav is a proud owner of the Norwegian gas transportation infrastructure Gassled and Polarled, the largest offshore pipeline system in the world and a critical part of the European energy infrastructure system. We will continue to develop a portfolio of energy assets through investments in infrastructure for natural gas and the energy transition, in Norway and beyond. With the steady long term cash flow from our assets and with the backing of HitecVision, Hav is well placed to be a driver in the ongoing energy transition.

Hav Energy aims to become the preferred partner for European energy and utility companies for their infrastructure investments into the energy transition.

Hav Energy Core Values



  • We approach all business activities with an open mind, ready to challenge established practices and take onboard new ideas.
  • We will learn from and share experiences with our business partners and vendors with equal focus on learning from success as learning from failures.


  • We will base our approach to business on honesty and integrity.
  • We will build trust through open and honest communication.



  • We will be ambitious, energetic and forward leaning in our daily activities.
  • We will set ambitious objectives, assess our achievements and never stop learning.


  • We will be sharp, alert and move quickly when opportunities present themselves.
  • We will adapt to changes in business environment, challenges and risks.



  • We will look for business opportunities in new areas.
  • We will encourage creativity and innovation in technical and commercial matters.


  • We will create value for shareholders while adhering to the company´s environmental, social and governance policies.
  • We will ensure the Hav Energy core values are honoured and continuously strengthened. 

Who we are

A group of highly motivated and competent individuals with passion for what we do.